Meow Mix, Baby. Meow.

Brittany. 16. Moved from Walled Lake 2 Years Ago. Some say I'm goth. Some say I'm punk. Some say I'm emo. All agree I'm just fucking crazy. New SN, So add me if you whore yourself out. (We all do it.)
Lookie! She's So PURPLE!!
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    "Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers" - Jack Off Jill.
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I am David. I live in Walled Lake. I am a member of a band, the Electrik Shoes. I am usually bored but enjoy indie rock and going to concerts.

Check us out, we have MP3s.
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Look at me - look at me!

All three of us now. Woohoo, right? Riiiight. I read the description of the community and well, that's exactly how it is 'round here - a small little town, where nothing happens... unless someone makes it happen so, I am bored 98.4 percent of my time. Anyhoo, I figured since I 'had nothing better to do' I would join. Nice to meet you, both of you. Haha. Ciao!~
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    Godsmack - Greed